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Patty's activity by deal 3 game like & Share Hits Patti favorite.

MetalWaltz, the mobile game of the best tank warfare genre Organize activities to appease the presenters themselves, distribute Steam game prizes at Patti Cast regularly like Dead by Daylight and OverWatch, as well as games that want to play like Home Sweet home for those who like to share and share MetalWaltz, a warrior girl. Who are followers of these games? Read the details.

Activity period: Today-30 December 2559
Activity details
Participants must be a member of the page (like the page) and Share the MetalWaltz page on their wall (paste this link
Sharing must be public (Public)
Screen caps posted on the activity page
Do not delete the post until the prize is announced.
Can be shared again By limiting 1 once every day, sharing will increase the chance of randomly adding additional 1 times by posting caps in the Comment box that has already been posted. To gather together

รางวัล Prize giving ⚖
The team will be randomly distributed by the participants to receive the identification number.
Random winners of each prize using a random program from a neutral random prize website.
Throughout the random process, prizes are recorded and video clips are published.

Activity Rewards
The team will give out the game that Patti is playing. (And want to play) 3 games together, including
(Client) OverWatch 2 1,450 baht per prize
(DLC) Dead by Daylight - Of fresh and mud and The Bloodstained Sack 10 prizes of 248 baht each.
(Client) Home Sweet home 5 Award (will announce the value to know again)

The prize recipient can change the prize to the currency in the MetalWaltz game according to the value of the prize received.

See more information at Yes



Favorite gameplay. Turns out to be a news site. The game is both mobile and PC, and is also a part of promoting the game.

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