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First time in Thailand! Buster Blitz, cosplayer molding To the characters in the game

Buster Blitz ( The popular Slingshot Battle mobile game, joining forces with the internationally renowned 5 cosplayer, who came to create a character in the world. Buster Blitz really

Famous players including 5, consisting of 1.Lola LittleSheep 2.Felin Firn 3.Cos Aim 4.Jiaki Darkness and 5.Yuki Godbless Who used to be a representative of Thailand to attend the World Cosplay Summit. Both 5 people have participated in the design of characters that correspond to their own personalities, preferences, styles that each person enjoys cosplay

Watch the cosplay character clip design on YouTube. :


The cosplayers design their own characters in the game. Buster Blitz

Such actions It is the first collaboration between the mobile game industry and the cosplay industry. To bring real people To become a character in the game Considered a revolution in how to create characters in the game With the release of various dramas to useShoot to crush and fall.Get in the game soon

At the same time, Buster Blitz also has new cool activities to appease players throughout July.

1.July Login Bonus


Throughout July, just log in on weekdays. Get free magic stones every day, 25 tablets, including months, 525 tablets to use randomly for free. And if logging in on Saturday - Sunday Receive items, evo, characters, various elements. Huge amount

2. Clear normal quests. Get magic stones than 1,200 tablets.


To the millionaire path Just clear the 1 ordinary tower, free magic stone tower, 50, clear all towers. Get 1,250. Just play, get rich!

3. Clash of the Sea Lords


11-18 July, the Dragon Ocean "Aqua Dragon" will visit the world. Buster Blitz rushes to defeat the water element dragon. And can bring them together

Download Buster Blitz now at To receive many prizes And mold the team waiting for the characters from cosplayers

Download game Buster Blitz immediately :

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Watch the game preview :

Known to cosplayers 5 people

Lola LittleSheep:

Felin Firn:


Jiaki Darkness:

Yuki Godbless:



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