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Released MU cheat Origin-TH Pat 1.9 version. Download now.

Has been continuously strengthened with the use of game cheats or Mod apk MU Origin-TH For the Doi Mobile that we released for the 1.8 version, back today, we are ready to entertain friends again with the game cheat. The latest version of 1.9 that we have modified and improved for it and brutal than before. Which is absolutely different from the 1.8 version, but the mobile phone must make the root first.

But before talking about the pro Let's say that siamgame has updated something new in the 1.9 version. Details of the 1.9 patch update are as follows.

1. Spirit stone system
2. Growth Fund System
3. Treasure Secrets System
4. Holy Land Masters
5. Wolf Spirit Fortress Activity
6. Add 12 Advanced Device Creation System
7. Add the highest class to the 11 class.
8. Adjust the world window UI, adjust the text and adjust the display.
9. Fix 1.8 bug

For details of the latest version of the 1.9 game pro

  • Running Wild
  • Skew is not slow (edited from 1.8)
  • All pressure push automatically.
  • Flat block detector
  • Auto Boss Hunt with Boss Born
  • Defense to kill bots
  • Automatic picking will keep the blue or the blue depending on the set.
  • Bots do not bleed (Available only to anyone)
  • other


How to download and install

  • Remove the original game or can be overwritten.
  • Enter the game to download the latest patch.
  • Enter the game, there will be a pro function to work on the lower left.
  • Choose to customize as you like.

* Mobile must be 6.0 version and above and must be rooted before



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