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Sandstorm Game Review: Pirate Wars Fighting Adventure Captain The desert world

I believe that all gamers must be well-known to the game camp. Ubisoft That produces games to play a lot Today, let's talk about mobile games. Ubisoft Is a game Sandstorm: Pirate Wars

Sandstorm: Pirate Wars is a style game. RPG Simulate like we are in a world that is desert Which caused the world war to cause pollution from the New War Making the world a place of desert

ใน Sandstorm: Pirate Wars You will be given the role of a flying captain. Sand-Cruiser Which controls and commands the enemy vehicles To survive from desolate deserts and drought

The highlight of this game is You can upgrade your combat vehicles, strengthen or equip weapons for your combat vehicles freely, making your combat vehicles strong and devastating. And can customize your boat by changing parts and changing skins



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Battle scenes and controls

In that game, we are with tons. We can command that weapon to attack the enemy's turret by choosing weapons and things that want to attack. Attack the enemy To attack all enemy turrets

14045009_1094979220538293_408260964_o 14075136_1094978977204984_501071756_o 14087425_1094978803871668_1137516223_o 14114121_1094979203871628_1358440310_oAfter destroying the combat vehicles We will be rewarded with various items. The item will depend on that stage. Sometimes they will randomly get weapons or components of combat vehicles.

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Not all this There is also an online mode to play together, which can be connected to other players, but before we connect with other players, we must ensure that our combat vehicles are powerful enough. Because otherwise you may lose unexpectedly 55 when you meet the card god

Sandstorm: Pirate Wars is a free game that is played on the PlayStore and on the Appstore. Anyone who likes this game, try it. Not disappointed.

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