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An interesting game pro that we have made to play

  • Various skills without delay
  • Hitting the teeth, leaking or running
  • Running Wild
  • Wap Hunt the boss at various points automatically.
  • Wait for the patch page to be added to the system.
Download Chaos Legends

"Chaos Legends, Fairy Tale, Jade Dragon" Is an ARPG mobile game that allows you to adventure in the fairy tale land of the Jade Dragon Prince. Fight with many monsters during the 2 War. The tribe with the most open-world game map with PVE quests based on the story and an intense PVP system for friends to battle.

The game, the point of interest of this game

  • There is a hero to choose to play 3, characters that have completely different skill lines.
  • There are many horses and pets that fight together with you.
  • PVP with maximum capacity up to 500vs500 battle field
  • Offline Mode: The characters are still in the game, able to set AI.


Favorite gameplay. Turns out to be a news site. The game is both mobile and PC, and is also a part of promoting the game.

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