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Download BAD 2 BAD: EXTINCTION (PREMIUM) (MOD, Unlimited Money)

BAD 2 BAD: EXTINCTION (PREMIUM) MOD Unlimited Money - New sequel of the famous game Bad 2 Bad, with new exciting stories, which will have many stories and innovations. You are waiting for an epic battle with a new evil force.You enter a war with Tailless and his people.Show what you can do because more than 20 new players are waiting for you. Weapons and armor to choose from. many Weapon that allows you to feel incredible power and power. Play for your own pleasure and enter the survival mode with the open world, complete quests for randomly generated cards, create your own troop.


  • - Version: 1.1.0
  • - Size: 90.64 MB
  • - Price: Free
  • - Need Root: Not required
  • - Offer to buy In-App: number
  • - Price: Free

Editorial review

Have you ever thought to join the task force?
Or the mercenary troop, for example Of course, for those who are passionate about action, they have the same imagination. But being a member of special forces is much more special Those soldiers that are not humans, they are animals that are shaped like humans. That is the general context of BAD 2 BAD: EXTINCTION. If you already know the name of this game before, you will definitely understand that the publisher has released 3 products in this special context.
BAD 2 BAD: EXTINCTIONIs the sequel to DELTA, which this publisher officially launched on Google Play. The game series has received millions of installments from many players around the world.

Download BAD 2 BAD: EXTINCTION (PREMIUM) (MOD, Unlimited Money) 4

Open-air survival

Players will participate in real battles when trying to destroy the evil forces that have just been added to the game. Just like the previous topic, "BAD 2 BAD: EXTINCTION" allows players to get 2D graphics with sharp and moving graphics. Players will know immediately that it works with the mechanism of the old action game when the character moves in four directions in a 2D top-down perspective. In general, the game still gives a special experience with special movement design. In addition, the chic character system also impresses players around the world. It makes them remember OWCA (Perry !!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Platypus). Just for fun.

Download BAD 2 BAD: EXTINCTION (PREMIUM) (MOD, Unlimited Money) 5

When entering the game, players must enter the battlefield to fight with enemies on the specified map. The task will definitely destroy all opponents and win the game screen. But the way the characters in the game move are worth noting They are like 2D side-scrolling games but you are allowed to move in 4 directions like in a 3D game. Players will be able to control the whole team at the same time, including up to 5 characters. Therefore, the control system is complex and requires players to be very complex in the coordination of the team. You can also set a fixed device on the ground to support the attack.

Download BAD 2 BAD: EXTINCTION (PREMIUM) (MOD, Unlimited Money) 6

Interesting characters and stories

In general, you will not lack the power of this encounter. Each character in the team has specific skills to control, so players should pay attention to them. Every time you have these skills, you will have to calculate how to use them as efficiently as possible to destroy enemies. In parallel with the skills of the characters, you get coordination skills using them, which means ordering the whole team to deal extra damage to the target.

Download BAD 2 BAD: EXTINCTION (PREMIUM) (MOD, Unlimited Money) 7

In this game, the developer introduces the player to his new enemy - Zombies named Wilders (WD), Purebloods (PS), Underdogs (UD), Amazoness (AZ) and Tailless Legion (TL). They also have different special powers to oppose you, so players shouldn't ignore them. But constantly increasing their strength to adapt to the challenges The weapons that a special officer is carrying can be mutated and upgraded. Prepare for specific strategies to practice too. If you are still losing and stuck on the stage for a long time, try changing other strategies.

MOD data?

1. Unlimited gold coins
2. Unlimited diamonds
- Use can still be used even if the displayed value is 0

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DOWNLOAD APK 1.1.0 (90.64 MB)



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