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Black Desert Mobile is ready to pre-download the game on December 9, 2562.

The company is open to players around the world to download MMORPG games. Black Desert Mobile Advance through the operating system iOS poverty. Android All players will be able to create characters in advance. To welcome the actual launch on December 11, 2562

When successfully downloading the game in advance You will be able to create and customize the drama as you wish. Through the character customization system that is one of the hallmarks of the game You will experience the delicate system. Not losing the customization of the drama presented on the PC or console in the official launch worldwide. You will be able to choose from a total of 5 professional characters, including Warriors, Rangers, Berserkerwitch and Valkyrie.

Another important thing that adventurers will receive when downloading games in advance is the right to name the family in advance. Because of that family name Cannot be repeated. Therefore, if you already have a family name in your heart Should not wait to receive this privilege

There are also various activities. Held on Facebook from 9-16 December 2562 to celebrate game downloads in advance All adventurers who have downloaded the game in advance and completed the customization. Able to participate in activities easily Just post a screenshot Or video introducing the characters created under the activity post at FacebookOfficial Black Desert Mobile Every CM will help select the 5 lucky winners and will announce the list of lucky winners and special prizes to be received in the game on December 30, 2562. You can also click 'Like' to cheer. With the work team Of course, there must be a special reward for all the adventurers who participate in the activity. When the total of 3,000 likes

Black Desert Mobile It is scheduled to open for service all over the world on December 11, 2562 with over 4,000,000 pre-registered and this time there will be English, German, French, Spanish, Russian, Thai and Indonesian language added. To give the best experience to all adventurers

You can follow various details about the game. Black Desert Mobile On the official website And watch videos of drama customization here



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