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Forge Ahead MOD APK 0.43 (Unlimited money, Free Upgrade)

Forge Ahead Free Shopping Mod Will let you upgrade the game for free You don't need to watch ads to upgrade in the game. You can upgrade the digging speed and digging power for free. You can also upgrade the hammer speed and hammer power for free. The value of the sword and the ability of the sword can be upgraded for free. Enjoy the game.

Forge ahead Mod Apk:

  • - Version: 0.43
  • - Size: 32.26 MB
  • - Price: Free
  • - Need Root: Not required
  • - Offer to buy In-App: number
  • - Price: Free
Forge Ahead MOD APK 0.43 (Unlimited money, Free Upgrade) 1
Forge Ahead MOD APK 0.43 (Unlimited money, Free Upgrade) 2
Forge Ahead MOD APK 0.43 (Unlimited money, Free Upgrade) 3
Forge Ahead MOD APK 0.43 (Unlimited money, Free Upgrade) 4
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During the war, we couldn't ignore the hard work of the blacksmith. They are people who do not go directly to the battlefield and bring prosperity. But their role is very important Without a blacksmith, can a warrior win without using a spear and a sword? Forge Ahead (free upgrade MOD)Is the latest inactive game of Lion Studios. In this game you are a blacksmith who is responsible for the best swordplay and sell it to make money.

When it comes to Lion Studios, we often remember the fun and unique puzzle game of this publisher. They use common topics in life and create games to solve puzzles in very creative ways. This is the first time this publisher has been trying to create an idle game. What's special in Forge Ahead? Find information in the article below!


When playing Forge Ahead, you are a blacksmith. Your job is to produce swords from metal ores. You don't know how to forge a sword? Don't worry, this game will give you detailed instructions on how to make good swords. You will have to go through the production process from natural metal ores to the completion of the sword. First, your blacksmith doesn't have much reputation in the kingdom. You must have a complete sword to show the shop. Knights will buy your swords, if they are satisfied, you will receive money and fame.

First of all, you will use a hammer to break a large stone. That is the metal ore that gives you metal after breaking the outer shell. You don't know what metals you got when mining. Generally, you will only get general metals such as iron and copper. If you are lucky, you will get rare metals such as gold, diamonds or some metals such as Adamantine and Mythril.

Of course, forging your sword will melt and pour it into the form of a sword. In the final step, you use a mallet to straighten the sword when in high temperatures. Sometimes customers will add some special requirements. For example, some knights demand that the sword be made of silver. If you create that sword, you will receive more bonuses.

The unique idle game

Forge Ahead is a game that is not being used, so you will be earning with it every second from your completed sword. Even after you close the game, your money still increases. If you want to explore the work of the miner, try Idle miner Tycoon

Upgrade your blacksmith

To be the best blacksmith in the kingdom, aside from finding rare metals, you must upgrade your blacksmith all the time. Upgrading the smith makes your work more efficient and increases the value of the sword. There are 5 upgrades to choose from, including pickaxe, crucible, sword mold, blacksmith's hammer and the value of your sword.

Sword values ​​help your sword make more money per second. It also sells additional money when someone requests to buy. Pickaxe upgrades allow you to use and destroy large stones faster. In addition, you can upgrade the mold to create better swords. Your sword after the upgrade may have special effects such as light or lightning.

What's more in Forge Ahead MOD?

With idle games, most of the things you do will repeat. Metal mining, forging swords, sales and accepting money After you have money, you can continue to upgrade your forging into better swords when you use them.Forge Ahead MODOurs, you can upgrade your forging equipment for free. Allows you to have a lot of money quickly while increasing the rare dig rate You will create a special sword of high value.


For simulation games that are not active, the graphics often do not have prominent elements. Forge Ahead has a simple but realistic 3D design. The operations in the game are smoothly simulated. However, it's quite monotonous and there aren't too many that will make you feel charming. In addition, the sound of the metal stove helps you feel like you're in a real forge.


Overall, Forge Ahead is a fun and unique game. The game features are great to play, very suitable when you play for free. Don't want you to focus on it too much The game does not require internet, you can play on the bus or drink a cup of coffee. Are you ready to be the kingdom's best blacksmith? Try it in this game.

Mod features:
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Forge Ahead Mod APK 0.4



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