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Mod Apk Hack Romance of Heroes: New version of Dragon Land

Mod Apk Hack Romance of Heroes: Dragon Land The new version of 6.0 is distributed to friends and has been blasting fun again. Guarantee fun In a fierce war Many dabble scenes Challenge across the surf That will make you become the only winner If you use the game cheat Mod Apk Romance of Heroes

MOD Highlights of Romance of Heroes: Dragon Land

  • Skill combos all the time
  • Money is unlimited.
  • Upgrading various items or weapons without money
  • Damam Attack is shown as 99999.
  • Diamonds are available at the beginning of the game 50K.
  • Skill No Delay
  • Combo * 99999
  • Warp Boss
  • Other

Download now

System Requirements: Android 7.0 +

Suggestions should delete old games and install from our website. And should use a new ID to log in to the game



Favorite gameplay. Turns out to be a news site. The game is both mobile and PC, and is also a part of promoting the game.

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