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2020 new Ragnarok M game cheat

Return to make it Another commotion with Pro Mod Ragnarok M The newest version of 2020, in patch 1.0.27, can still be used on both servers, Eternal Love and Midnight Party servers, and is currently the same as the Server, after which we have been missing for almost a year. Who didn't make the mod out because they couldn't think of the game, so turned to other pro games instead

But today, according to the requests of many of the children who have been added to the fan page to come back to do ROM promotion again, the admin has accepted and has returned to develop a new promotion. And made out to be even more brutal, easier to use than supports both the android and ios. For this new version is the version that is actually available. Once loaded, can be installed and used immediately.

Ragnarok M Cheat Codes

  • Stamina bots do not reduce
  • Free back to the city Where can I go?
  • Catch the pet. 100% Just use one piece of food.
  • Automatic quest board
  • Percentage of drop-free items
  • Automatic drug purchase Can be selected as food or medicine
  • The random rate of all rare types increases by 50% (if 100% is seen as a promotion)
  • Prevent being banned
  • Boss Warp Automatic
  • Skill Damage 99999
  • Skewed without delay
  • Else wait more

In this latest version, we have updated many new systems. So that players can use it efficiently and work together for everyone

Which details of new improvements and functions are as follows (Old pictures, don't have time to update this part)


2020 new Ragnarok M game cheat, 100% playable, 1

Show the exact spawn time of MVP and MINI Bosses on the Mthe VP board in HHMM format: SS also sort the list to see which MVP / MINI spawn first in descending order.

Existing orders:

/ mvp [in | off] - enable / disable the timer module
mvp / mvp [automatic | manual] - enable / disable mvp hunting assistance
/ mvp [mvp | mini | all] - Suspend / filter notification

EXCLUSIVE Automatic Q&A System

2020 new Ragnarok M game cheat, 100% playable, 2

Ragnarok Mobile Ultra-Instinct With special functions, automatic operation of quests! It helps you complete your mission! It will talk / kill / all collections. Best for semi-afk players with little interaction with the game.

Existing orders:

/ Quests [When | Off] - Enable / Disable Auto Search Module

Change gear2020 new Ragnarok M game cheat, 100% playable, 3Ever wondered how to change gears quickly during a collision? If so then this is the answer for you! The ability to save and load gear devices with just one button click! You can save as many settings as 4 gear.

1. Prepare the device you want to save.
2. Type the command "/ gs save #" where # is the channel you want to save channels 1 through 4

Existing orders:

/ gs save # - where # is the express slot number you need

Update player information / MOB
2020 new Ragnarok M game cheat, 100% playable, 4
Show Hp, Hp Max, Competition, Type / Elements, Size and Nature of Monsters / Players

Existing orders:

/ hp [on | off] - to enable or disable the Enhanced Player module / Mob Info.

Color code system QUEST
2020 new Ragnarok M game cheat, 100% playable, 5Color code system QUEST
Color-coded quests to see if they are missions / missions, sub-missions, quests, poets, quests, guilds, etc.

Existing orders:

- / - - No orders

2020 new Ragnarok M game cheat, 100% playable, 6
By using this UI, you can set your list to trigger automatically according to certain criteria. Supports automatic panacea as well! To trigger, press and hold the list box and set the trigger for each channel.

Example usage: Triggers use automatic White Potion when HP is less than 50% or use Flywing when HP is lower than 30% to prevent death while AFK grinding

Existing orders:

- / - - No orders

Expand the limit ZOOM
2020 new Ragnarok M game cheat, 100% playable, 7Now extend the zoom limit and easy sniffing! To use, just pinch or stretch the screen with two fingers to zoom in or out.

Existing orders:

- / - - No orders

Improved item tools

2020 new Ragnarok M game cheat, 100% playable, 8
Show the exact release rate of monster data.

Existing orders:

- / - - No orders

Optimization tool tips2020 new Ragnarok M game cheat, 100% playable, 9
Show more information about Variable and Fixed Cast Time of skills.

Existing orders:

- / - - No orders

Improve the EXP calculation system2020 new Ragnarok M game cheat, 100% playable, 10
Calculate your EXP earnings (base and job level)

Existing orders:

/ exp [in | off] - enable / disable the EXP calculator module
/ exp reset - reset the calculator exp exp

ZENY calculation system2020 new Ragnarok M game cheat, 100% playable, 11
Calculate your zeny income per hour.

Existing orders:

/ zeny [when | closed] - enable / disable the zeny calculator module
/ zeny reset - reset the counter calculator zeny

Help cook (looking to buy and cook fast)

2020 new Ragnarok M game cheat, 100% playable, 12Enable group cooking and all recipes can be clicked, which makes it easy to put all the necessary ingredients. Buying approved ingredients if you don't have the necessary ingredients in your inventory

Existing orders:

- / - - No orders

Unlock frame rate

2020 new Ragnarok M game cheat, 100% playable, 13Now you have the freedom to adjust the fps as you like. The default ROM is set to 24 FPS. Now you can enjoy smoother movies by instantly changing frames.

Existing orders:

/ fps # - where # is from 1 to 120

Include commands for opening - closing Function Mod Ragnarok M Click

For downloading it can be downloaded from below. As for the installation method, please go directly toลิงค์This only can be used.

Download Mod apk Ragnarok M

Reviews from real users

Funk Pro - 10
Use - 9
Pro UI - 9.9



User Rating: 3.08 ( 6 votes)


Favorite gameplay. Turns out to be a news site. The game is both mobile and PC, and is also a part of promoting the game.

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