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Free Giveaway, Mod Reign of Dragon Pro works 100% both android / ios mobile.

Free Giveaway, Game Cheating Pro Online on mobile, both android and ios, celebrating the new year, which today we took the Mod, the game of the brave Reign of Dragon (ROD) is a strategy adventure RPG fighting game, outsmart the super fun with spectacular 3D graphics. Regional battles arising from the instigation of the dragon. Fight with more than 100 heroes of various styles. Add a distinctive hero from Siam to come together to eliminate the dragon and return happiness to the land.

Details of the game

Interesting system

Various strategies Outsmart ★
Every hero has different strengths and abilities. Battle planning Selection of matching heroes and different positions Can create more than a hundred different battle styles

★ Fun PVP to compete for the best spot in the arena ★
Enjoy the arena in PVP format. Arrange a battle plan. Choose your best hero team. Beat other players Fight to climb the rank of arena in the arena and receive many items.

★ Fun regional battles Revolution to the King of Kings ★
Diverse regional war systems Challenge other regions along with your guild mates, gather armies, choose the right terrain Time and strategy in fighting Siege and purge To compete for resources and conquering other regions Towards becoming a King

★ Unlimited hero upgrades ★
In addition to easily possessing a hero, unlimited heroes can be upgraded. By collecting items that can be obtained from battles Positive hit, hero and soldier identification Importantly, Hero upgrades are not a waste. With the system of transferring upgrades to other heroes In order to use that hero In the fight

★ Graveyard Adventure Finding Rare Items ★
Go through many adventure dungeons. Exploring the Mysterious Tomb Experience a special adventure. Ready to hunt rare items that are used to upgrade and develop heroes. Unlimited combat power

Mod features:

  • Skewed without delay
  • Strong attack
  • unlock
  • Money pump, diamond pump (with bug)

Download Mod Reign of Dragon

How to install:

For No-Root (APKs that are signed):
1-Uninstall the original game
2- Download and install modded APK
3-enjoy 😀

For games with obb or data:
1- Download OBB files or DATA files and extract zip files.
2- download mod APK
3-Move OBB files ( folder) to the Android / OBB folder on your device.
- or move the data file (com .xx folder) to the Android / data folder in your device 4- install the mod APK
5- Enjoy 😀



Favorite gameplay. Turns out to be a news site. The game is both mobile and PC, and is also a part of promoting the game.

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