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POCKET RO give away ITEM CODE before testing CBT around 3 !! Are limited

Tested again with Pocket Ro after the Taiwanese developer has collected information and feedback from the Thai players. It has been improved to make the new Pocket RO is more fun and beautiful. In this test, the development team is expecting the Thai players to help play Pocket RO in the new development. It is not open to play normally. For the opening of CBT during this time. It is open to all players who are using the mobile in the Android system to play thoroughly. Without registration in any way. This is the team to prepare the item code to distribute to the disciples to help with the CBT test as well.

During the event 17 - 28 February 2560.

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Download "Pocket RO" is now available in the Android Play store through during February 14 - 2 2560 March news activity added to the Fan page:.


Favorite gameplay. Turns out to be a news site. The game is both mobile and PC, and is also a part of promoting the game.

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