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Update MU game cheat Origin-TH version 9.0.0 supports all mobile versions

Update MU game cheat Origin-TH version 9.0.0 supports all mobile versionsGood news for mobile phones IOS Can use Game Cheat Pro MU Origin-TH Yes, because the version 9.0.0 2.0 patch Support mobile phone system android poverty. ios So do not be hurt anymore, but for IOS, must be 10.x version up to use and android must only be 7.0 up. For the file details 9.0.0 mobile game cheat is still old, but ios can be used.

See that details 2.0 patch At the way siamgame Have updated what is new And what are the details of the game cheat?

Latest patch content 2.0 patch
Add new system :
  • Cross-server battle - the gods battle
  • Guild Shrine
  • Fairy skill system

Cook system :

  • Add map to class 11, Magic garden map
  • Increase the maximum guild level to Lv.10.
  • Add the altar to the Holy Land.
  • Add fashion clarity
  • Add gods
Edit various BUGs in 1.9 patch

For details of the latest version of the 9.0.0 game pro

  • Running Wild
  • Skew is not slow (edited from 8.0.0)
  • All pressure push automatically.
  • Flat block detector
  • Auto Boss Hunt with Boss Born
  • Defense to kill bots
  • Automatic picking will keep the blue or the blue depending on the set.
  • Bots do not bleed (Available only to anyone)
  • other




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